About | DE LA COMMUNE x Reese De Luca

The Evolution of Refined Leisure.™
DE LA COMMUNE x Reese De Luca is a designer luxury brand pushing the envelope of leisure and androgyny.

In order to get the best quality workmanship, we ethically produce our entire collection in Portugal and Los Angeles.

Each and every piece of DE LA COMMUNE is hand sewn by hard working people who strive to deliver quality over quantity. We make less than 100 pieces per design

Our fabrics are meticulously selected and are the best of the best, hailing from countries like Italy, Japan, Turkey, USA and Portugal.


An alum from FIDM in Los Angeles, Reese started his fashion career by turning his obsession with Juicy Couture into
a major stepping stone in his career. After just one month of interning, Reese quickly moved up to assistant designer.

In 2004, Reese’s artistic expression helped him win the MTV show produced by Ashton Kutcher, “You’ve Got A Friend”.
His personality was just as impressive as his fashion expertise, outshining the other featured contestants on the show. 

Reese’s design caught the eye of the Queen of Fashion herself, Victoria Beckham. Her love for his fabrics and techniques
sparked a unique friendship amongst the two. 

This was just the start of his noteworthy résumé which includes: Head Designer for William Rast, Design Director for
Buffalo Jeans, as well as his own solo capsule collections. Reese took the knowledge he learned and guidance from
noteworthy friends positions and started his own brand with his partner Daniel Arango called DE LA COMMUNE by Reese De Luca.

Reese is ready to take the fashion world by storm. DE LA COMMUNE means “from the community” and it’s important for
Reese to “pay it forward” and inspire others.

With his inventive use of fabrics and attention to detail, the energy of Reese will be what moves the fashion industry forward.