Recently international designer Reese De Luca, creator of the androgynous designer luxury brand DE LA COMMUNE met with Beau Fournier for an interview. Beau is a successful dancer and choreographer who has made many appearances from film to broadway and even his own very popular YouTube channel with thousands of views daily.First Photo of Beau Fournier dancing in DE LA COMMUNE

    You may be wondering what brought these two unlikely people together?. They are in completely different fields because of parallels in their personalities which also holds an importantance in their work. They are able to find connections through design, movement, music and fashion all together fuelled by their love for life and their dream pursuit. 

    Beau grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. At the age of nineteen he began dancing, which is considered late for a dancer. As soon as Beau started dancing he knew he fell in love with it. Every aspect of it; the challenges in dance, the rhythm, the travel, the people and the unknown of it all. With new and different jobs all the time, being able to grasp new concepts but mostly being able to share his love of dance with people.   

Reese De Luca: What inspires you to do what you are doing Beau? 

Beau Fournier: It was happenstance. Dancing was something that I wasn’t looking Beau Fournier Dance Image for. To me if I am searchin for something I probably won’t get that inspired. Which in my field dance and movement i’m really inspired by people just committing to whatever they want to do and being original with it in their own way. For me the freedom of creativity also really inspires me. Music also has an incredible play in my
work. Also being weird and imaginative and a little innovative with dance. The people in my core group and a lot of people from Fanny Pak came from this hip hop team from Cal State Northridge, so we all also fused a bunch of movement that we were learning. We also just didn’t care what people thought I think thats why we get inspired by things like that. 

RD: Thats a good answer not to always wonder about what other people are going to think of you. You just do what your going to do because its coming from your heart. 

BF: To me its also about the “going forward” and working to inspire people. You can get all the haters that you want to but if you can just inspire a hand full of people thats what matters most to me. 

RD: Was there someone or something that led you to dancing?. How did you know/ realize that dance was something you wanted to even do?

BF: Kind of a funny story actually. throughout high school I knew I had rhythm. My
family was really into music as well but it really began at prep rallies and events similar. We use to make fun of N’sync and copy all of their music videos. Then later when my friend went to the same college as me he said to me one day “Yo we should audition for this hip hop team as a joke”. I agreed with him and then there we were auditioning and we ended up actually making it!. My friend and I both fell in love with it and we fell hard. 

RD: Is there someone in the industry that you look up to?. That you know thats where you want to be?

BF: Yes, Matt Cady, he’s actually the one that brainstormed Fanny Pak with me. We took a leap of faith with it. He’s also been my best friend for . . . oh wow twelve years I think. He also inspires me the most because we are on the same road not knowing where this journey is really going to take us. In the direction I really want to go in is to be a creative director in choreography. Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo, Nappytabs are my biggest inspirational mentors right now.

RD: You mentioned the importance of music to you earlier. Do you find listening to music is when lots of energy and ideas come to you? 

BF: Yeah when ideas come to me I have these little seeds that I’ve planted and a song for me will flourish that. The song will be the water and act as the fertilizer to whatever seed I’m planting into my row. Whatever song comes into play, it kind of blossoms into whatever I want it to. My motivation from music I feel is able to keep the plant alive. 

    The wonderful feelings of seeing your work on other people is something Reese understands. Just as Beau loves to choreograph and see others attempt his creative
moods, Reese can really relate to being filled with happiness and having rewarding feelings after and during his work. They are about taking their visions and making them not just a dream anymore but on an actual reality. They both have become very successful in doing so and even though they are creating different things their visions whether it be a new choreographed dance or a new collection the inspiration is coming from just about the same place. 

   It is so apparent to Reese and Beau how relatable they really are to one another and how strong their passions are. By truly following their dreams and going for it, it  has helped them come this far in their careers. Understanding one of the most important factors is being adaptive to the ever changing industries they work in. 

     The meaning of DE LA COMMUNE “from the community” be together, to share, to have common values and goals and to be commune with your surroundings as well. 

 Reese and Beau live DE LA COMMUNE lifestyles. Together they are collective.  


Beau Dancing Front Row | World Of Dance Bay

Third Photo of Beau Fournier dancing in DE LA COMMUNE


fourth Photo of Beau Fournier dancing in DE LA COMMUNE

Fifth Photo of Beau Fournier dancing in DE LA COMMUNE